Partner Travis Prince Speaking at 66th Annual WVAJ Convention

BG partner, Travis A. Prince, is speaking at the 66th Annual West Virginia Association for Justice Convention and Seminar on June 6 – 7th in Charleston, WV. On Friday, Travis will be a panelist in the session titled: “When Criminal and Civil Law Collide: Handling the Civil Case and Securing Justice for Your Client.” The WVAJ and its members are committed to protecting access to the West Virginia state and federal courts, the civil justice system, and the 7th Amendment right to a jury trial.

Travis Prince focuses his practice on catastrophic personal injury, civil rights violations, asbestos litigation, and medical malpractice cases, including but not limited to wrongful death, misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, stroke, heart attack, and joint replacement. Recently, Travis represented Blake Gober, a Marine veteran wrongly accused of stealing a Hertz rental, and helped to obtain the dismissal of all felony charges against him with prejudice.

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Todd Mathews Discusses IL Abuse Cases on WJPF Newsradio

“Rough stuff”: BG partner Todd Mathews joined WJPF newsradio this morning to discuss our landmark Illinois sex abuse case filed earlier this month on behalf of 95 individuals who suffered sexual abuse as juveniles in juvenile detention facilities across Illinois. In this insightful interview, Todd discusses the status of the case, how more cases are going to be filed, and how many survivors have reported the same kind of abuse by the same people, even when in detention facilities at completely different times. Todd also discusses how a goal is to work with the state to get victims justice for the harms suffered (including treatment and therapy as necessary), and how our clients – all brave survivors who have stepped forward – want this kind of abuse stopped so that no one else has to suffer as they have.

To listen to the full 10-minute interview, visit this link.

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To learn more about the Illinois lawsuit on behalf of abuse survivors, visit our service page here.

Arthur Bryant Speaking at Class Action Law Forum

BG’s Arthur Bryant is speaking at next week’s 6th annual Western Alliance Bank Class Action Law Forum (CALF) held in collaboration with the University of San Diego School of Law. Attendees will hear insights and take part in discussions on the most important developments and issues surrounding class actions and mass torts, with panelists including sitting federal judges and top defense and plaintiffs’ attorneys.

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ERISA Partner Patrick Muench a Panelist on ABA ERISA Litigation Virtual Webinar

Join Bailey Glasser Partner Patrick Muench December 12, 2023, at 1pm EST for a virtual webinar discussion on ERISA litigation involving Employee Stock Ownership Plans (“ESOPs”) hosted by the American Bar Association’s Joint Committee on Employee Benefits. This event will include a review of some common areas of dispute in ESOP cases and a summary of trends and recent court decisions.

Patrick litigates complex commercial cases with emphasis on ERISA, antitrust, and oil and gas disputes. He handles all aspects of these matters from discovery through trial. His experience includes winning a $30 million trial judgment in Brundle v. Wilmington Trust, a case involving breaches of duty by a trustee and complex valuations in an ESOP transaction. Learn more about Patrick Muench here.

To register and learn about CLE credits for this event, visit this link.

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Partner Todd Mathews on the Mass Tort News Legalcast

In the most recent episode of the Mass Tort News Legalcast, Bailey Glasser partner Todd Mathews discusses how the firm is helping survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of the State of Maryland acting through the Department of Juvenile Services and its predecessors find closure, healing, and accountability.

The discussion also touches on other states’ approaches to addressing child abuse cases, with some implementing limited windows of opportunity for survivors to file claims. Todd points out the challenges of addressing these cases, especially the need for a sensitive and compassionate approach, avoiding the re-traumatization of survivors.

Switching gears, the conversation touches on recent developments in the legal field, particularly in relation to Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and its potential third bankruptcy filing. Todd expresses his concern and disapproval of such actions, which he views as an abuse of the bankruptcy process to delay compensating victims further. He also addresses the viability of the Camp Lejeune docket, highlighting how recent issues with case attrition and unethical practices in the legal field can impact its resolution.

Partner Todd Mathews Visits “The Leverage Report” Podcast

Todd Mathews, Bailey Glasser mass torts partner, is featured on The Leverage Report podcast where he discusses his commitment to justice, “do no harm,” and being inspired by “The Blind Side,” with program host Susan Barfield.

Todd also discusses the firm’s recently filed sexual abuse cases against the State of Maryland on behalf of former minors who were horrifically abused while institutionalized in the juvenile hall system. In one highlight from the program, Todd states:

“We hope that with the position of the Attorney General, which I read to you earlier, along with the law that has changed, we hope that we can find some sort of a global solution for these survivors. The last thing I really want to do is subject these survivors to depositions and trial and all of the public scrutiny that, quite frankly, they don’t deserve. So we are in contact with the Attorney General’s office. We were before we even filed suit. And we believe we’re going to have a very productive interaction. And moving forward, I think we’re going to try and find a… I’m hopeful that they’ll continue to try and pursue justice with us on these cases.”

The podcast can be viewed here (along with a transcript):

For more about our lawsuits on behalf of abuse survivors in Maryland, visit here:

Arthur Bryant Featured on the Sports Law Expert Podcast

Arthur Bryant, Bailey Glasser partner and Title IX team lead, is featured on the Sports Law Expert Podcast. As described in the press release accompanying the episode release: “Hackney Publications announced today the release of the latest episode of Sports Law Expert Podcast, which features Arthur Bryant of Bailey Glasser, who is arguably the nation’s foremost plaintiffs’ attorney in the area of Title IX.” To read the entire release visit here:

The podcast can be heard here:–of-Bailey-Glasser-e2a0a5g.

“Arthur has single-handedly changed the lives of thousands of female athletes,” said Holt Hackney, the publisher of Hackney Publications. “He has done this by directly representing those athletes against colleges and universities in Title IX litigation, as well as influencing hundreds of other institutions of higher education, who have witnessed his vigilance when it comes to ensuring gender equity.”

Panida Anderson Moderates Virtual Panel: “How to Find a Lawyer,” on Friday, July 21, 2023

Bailey Glasser lawyer Panida Anderson, immediate past President of the Thai American Bar Association, Panida Anderson will moderate a virtual panel called “How to Find a Lawyer,” hosted in collaboration with the Thai Embassy, the Thai American Bar Association, the Thai Community Development Center, and the Thai American Samakkee Coalition.

This webinar will be hosted in the Thai language and will focus on how to research and find an attorney. The virtual event will be held on Friday, July 21, 2023 at 3pm EST, featuring immigration attorneys Phatchara Udomsin and Tammy Sumontha. For more information, click here.

Partners Kate Charonko and Sharon Iskra Speak at WVAJ Statewide Conference

Partners Katherine E. Charonko and Sharon Iskra spoke at the 65th Annual West Virginia Association for Justice Convention and Seminar on June 1-2nd in Charleston, WV. The WVAJ and its members are committed to protecting access to the West Virginia state and federal courts, the civil justice system, and the 7th Amendment right to a jury trial.

Kate Charonko, the head of our ESI & Technology practice group, was a panelist in the session titled “Electronic Information Technology: E-Discovery Planning, Data Collection, Production, Authentication, and Other Information to Get What You Need & Build Your Case.” Sharon Iskra, who heads Bailey Glasser’s Institutional Abuse & Neglect team was a panelist in the session titled “Human Rights Law: The Hot Topics and Trends You Need to Know.”

BG Partners Join Opening Arguments Podcast Discussing $5 Million Award Against “My Pillow” Founder

Bailey Glasser partners Brian Glasser and Cary Joshi join the Opening Arguments podcast to discuss winning a $5 million arbitration award against My Pillow founder Mike Lindell for claims related to election fraud data.

The Bailey Glasser team, Brian Glasser, Cari Joshi, and paralegal Manuel Rios in Washington, D.C., and partner Lori Bullock in Des Moines, Iowa, represented Robert Zeidman, a cyber security professional, in the arbitration.

Following the 2020 election, Lindell prominently trumpeted the false theory that the 2020 presidential election involved alleged Chinese government hacking that resulted in votes cast for Donald Trump being switched to Joe Biden. In July 2021, Mike Lindell sponsored his own so-called “Cyber Symposium”, which he said would provide an opportunity for technical experts in cyber forensics to examine and evaluate the evidence presented by Lindell.

Lindell was so confident in the validity of his so-called “evidence” that, as part of his Cyber Symposium, he held the “Prove Mike Wrong Challenge” and offered a $5 million prize to anyone who could prove the data was not valid. The Arbitration panel declared unequivocally that Zeidman proved Mike wrong and won the contest.

Follow this link to hear this entertaining interview and show notes, including links to the arbitration opinion and more. #openingargumentpodcast #podcast #openingarguments #arbitration #baileyglasser

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