Partner Arthur Bryant Featured on the Legal Las Vegas Podcast

Bailey Glasser partner and Title IX team leader Arthur Bryant sat down with the Legal Las Vegas Podcast to discuss his impactful 43-year career in constitutional law, consumer protection, toxic torts, civil rights, class actions, and mass torts.

Arthur is the former Chairman and Executive Director of Public Justice, a national public interest law firm created by trial lawyers and supported by thousands of the top plaintiffs’ lawyers nationwide. While at Bailey Glasser, Arthur has continued his involvement in cutting-edge impact litigation, including his precedent-setting Title IX work, advocacy for those injured by Roundup products, and battles for those harmed by scam ads on Meta’s platforms.

You can enjoy the full podcast episode here.
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Partner Todd Mathews on the Mass Tort News Legalcast

In the most recent episode of the Mass Tort News Legalcast, Bailey Glasser partner Todd Mathews discusses how the firm is helping survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of the State of Maryland acting through the Department of Juvenile Services and its predecessors find closure, healing, and accountability.

The discussion also touches on other states’ approaches to addressing child abuse cases, with some implementing limited windows of opportunity for survivors to file claims. Todd points out the challenges of addressing these cases, especially the need for a sensitive and compassionate approach, avoiding the re-traumatization of survivors.

Switching gears, the conversation touches on recent developments in the legal field, particularly in relation to Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and its potential third bankruptcy filing. Todd expresses his concern and disapproval of such actions, which he views as an abuse of the bankruptcy process to delay compensating victims further. He also addresses the viability of the Camp Lejeune docket, highlighting how recent issues with case attrition and unethical practices in the legal field can impact its resolution.

Title IX Litigator Lori Bullock Appears on “Talking Title IX and College Sports” Podcast

BG Partner and Title IX litigator Lori Bullock shares her insights on the latest podcast episode of “Talking Title IX and College Sports.” This episode covers the dispute with Florida State University which started after an investigative report published in USA Today revealed that FSU was not providing equitable opportunities for women athletes under Title IX. Lori, BG partner Arthur Bryant, and student Sophia Villalonga led an effort to elevate women’s lacrosse to varsity status. In October of 2023, FSU announced that a varsity women’s lacrosse program was expected to debut in the spring of 2026 and the university also agreed to conduct a full gender equity assessment of its athletic program and address any issues relating to gender equity for women athletes at FSU.

To listen to the episode, click here.
To learn more about the FSU matter and the settlement negotiated by Bailey Glasser, visit here.

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