Partner Arthur Bryant Featured in On3NIL: “Utah Collective’s NIL Truck Deal ‘Huge’ Concern for University”

Arthur Bryant, Bailey Glasser partner and Title IX team leader, was interviewed by On3NIL regarding a University of Utah-focused NIL collective team deal that provided all 85 scholarship football players – and no women athletes – new Dodge pickup trucks. “It appears to be a flagrant, stunningly obvious violation of Title IX that could cost the school millions of dollars,” Bryant told On3.

The NIL deal by the “Crimson Collective” announced that it would be giving leases to 2024 Dodge Ram trucks to Utah’s scholarship football players for free. The article calls the truck deal a “high-profile example of the complex Title IX question that the broader college athletics industry is wrestling with more than two years into NIL.”

Title IX is a 51-year-old federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination by any school that receives federal funding and stipulates schools must provide male student-athletes and female student-athletes with equal treatment and benefits.

Bryant noted that a video released announcing the deal, which visibly displayed the university’s logo, “undercut[s] any notion that the university was not involved in the truck deal.” He added: “ Female student-athletes at Utah need to hold the school accountable – no one else will do it. The history of Title IX has shown that women don’t get equality unless they are willing to fight for it.”

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The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Interviews Partner David Selby on Lawsuit Against Gunmaker Taurus

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution covers a new lawsuit brought by law firms Bailey Glasser and Wheeles Garmon. David Selby II, partner and Mass Tort Practice Group chair is leading the litigation on behalf of Bailey Glasser. “The guns fire without pulling the trigger, and they fire when they shouldn’t fire,” Selby told AJC.

The article delves into a nationwide class action lawsuit filed on Friday in Georgia against firearm manufacturer and distributor Taurus, which seeks to have Taurus institute a robust notice and recall program. It is our position that the pistols cannot be repaired.

The suit alleges, among other things, violations of Georgia’s Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act and seeks unspecified damages to compensate thousands of affected gun owners, including the profits Taurus made from producing the allegedly defective firearms and notes that “[f]or years, (the Taurus companies) have knowingly manufactured, marketed, and distributed thousands of defective (GX4) pistols to consumers . . . Specifically, the defect causes the trigger of the [GX4] pistols to move rearward when the pistol is subjected to an impact or dropped.”

“We certainly anticipate there unfortunately will be more (harmful incidents) because the guns are out there,” Selby said.

To learn more, read the full article here.
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Partner Todd Mathews on the Mass Tort News Legalcast

In the most recent episode of the Mass Tort News Legalcast, Bailey Glasser partner Todd Mathews discusses how the firm is helping survivors of sexual abuse at the hands of the State of Maryland acting through the Department of Juvenile Services and its predecessors find closure, healing, and accountability.

The discussion also touches on other states’ approaches to addressing child abuse cases, with some implementing limited windows of opportunity for survivors to file claims. Todd points out the challenges of addressing these cases, especially the need for a sensitive and compassionate approach, avoiding the re-traumatization of survivors.

Switching gears, the conversation touches on recent developments in the legal field, particularly in relation to Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and its potential third bankruptcy filing. Todd expresses his concern and disapproval of such actions, which he views as an abuse of the bankruptcy process to delay compensating victims further. He also addresses the viability of the Camp Lejeune docket, highlighting how recent issues with case attrition and unethical practices in the legal field can impact its resolution.

Title IX Litigator Lori Bullock Appears on “Talking Title IX and College Sports” Podcast

BG Partner and Title IX litigator Lori Bullock shares her insights on the latest podcast episode of “Talking Title IX and College Sports.” This episode covers the dispute with Florida State University which started after an investigative report published in USA Today revealed that FSU was not providing equitable opportunities for women athletes under Title IX. Lori, BG partner Arthur Bryant, and student Sophia Villalonga led an effort to elevate women’s lacrosse to varsity status. In October of 2023, FSU announced that a varsity women’s lacrosse program was expected to debut in the spring of 2026 and the university also agreed to conduct a full gender equity assessment of its athletic program and address any issues relating to gender equity for women athletes at FSU.

To listen to the episode, click here.
To learn more about the FSU matter and the settlement negotiated by Bailey Glasser, visit here.

Partner Todd Mathews Visits “The Leverage Report” Podcast

Todd Mathews, Bailey Glasser mass torts partner, is featured on The Leverage Report podcast where he discusses his commitment to justice, “do no harm,” and being inspired by “The Blind Side,” with program host Susan Barfield.

Todd also discusses the firm’s recently filed sexual abuse cases against the State of Maryland on behalf of former minors who were horrifically abused while institutionalized in the juvenile hall system. In one highlight from the program, Todd states:

“We hope that with the position of the Attorney General, which I read to you earlier, along with the law that has changed, we hope that we can find some sort of a global solution for these survivors. The last thing I really want to do is subject these survivors to depositions and trial and all of the public scrutiny that, quite frankly, they don’t deserve. So we are in contact with the Attorney General’s office. We were before we even filed suit. And we believe we’re going to have a very productive interaction. And moving forward, I think we’re going to try and find a… I’m hopeful that they’ll continue to try and pursue justice with us on these cases.”

The podcast can be viewed here (along with a transcript):

For more about our lawsuits on behalf of abuse survivors in Maryland, visit here:

Illinois Judge Elizabeth Hoskins Dow Rejoins Bailey Glasser

Bailey & Glasser, LLP is proud to announce that Elizabeth (Lissa) Hoskins Dow has rejoined the firm as a partner in its Commercial and Environmental Litigation Practice Group. Lissa returns to Bailey Glasser after serving since 2015 as an Associate Judge for the 12th Judicial Circuit of Illinois in the Family and Civil Jury Trial divisions.

As a member of the firm’s Commercial and Environmental Litigation group, Lissa will provide strategic guidance, counseling, and innovative solutions for our clients across a full spectrum of business interests and industries, including finance and energy. Prior to her appointment to the bench, Lissa was the partner-in-charge of Bailey Glasser’s Illinois office.

“I’m delighted to return to Bailey Glasser and am looking forward to getting back to work on behalf of our clients. It’s exciting to see how the firm has grown and with it, our ability to collaborate across offices and teams,” she said.

Read the full announcement and learn more about Lissa here.

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Arthur Bryant Featured on the Sports Law Expert Podcast

Arthur Bryant, Bailey Glasser partner and Title IX team lead, is featured on the Sports Law Expert Podcast. As described in the press release accompanying the episode release: “Hackney Publications announced today the release of the latest episode of Sports Law Expert Podcast, which features Arthur Bryant of Bailey Glasser, who is arguably the nation’s foremost plaintiffs’ attorney in the area of Title IX.” To read the entire release visit here:

The podcast can be heard here:–of-Bailey-Glasser-e2a0a5g.

“Arthur has single-handedly changed the lives of thousands of female athletes,” said Holt Hackney, the publisher of Hackney Publications. “He has done this by directly representing those athletes against colleges and universities in Title IX litigation, as well as influencing hundreds of other institutions of higher education, who have witnessed his vigilance when it comes to ensuring gender equity.”

Charges Against Marine Veteran Wrongly Accused of Stealing Hertz Rental Car Dropped by Prosecutor After CBS News Report

MEDIA REQUESTS: To schedule an interview with Blake Gober or counsel in this matter, please contact Joe Carey at

Morgantown, West Virginia – Until this morning, with the release of a bombshell CBS News report (view here) the world did not know that Marine Corps Veteran Blake Gober was wrongly arrested, imprisoned, and prosecuted for the alleged theft of a Hertz rental car back in 2019. On October 16, 2023, the felony charges against Mr. Gober were dismissed with prejudice.

The wrongful arrest and prosecution of Mr. Gober is yet another occasion where Hertz perpetrated great harm upon an innocent professional who simply rented one of its vehicles. As set forth in the Dismissal Motion: “the State has lost confidence in the reliability of the information provided by [Hertz] that forms the basis of these felony charges.”

Travis Prince and Brian Glasser of Bailey & Glasser, LLP and Wes Prince of the law firm of Shaffer Madia Law, PLLC represent Mr. Gober. “We are glad that the charges have finally been dropped against our client, but they never should have been filed in the first place. What Hertz put him through should not be suffered by anyone,” said Travis Prince.

Mr. Gober added: “I was a Hertz Gold customer who returned a car three years ago which I rented for my move from West Virginia to Northern Virginia. For Hertz to issue a warrant for my arrest and to put me and my family through this is unconscionable. I am dedicated to making sure this never happens to anyone else.”

Mr. Gober was unjustly apprehended and incarcerated during a routine traffic stop in 2022, the result of a false police report filed by Hertz in January 2020. On November 19, 2019, Gober rented a car from Hertz in Morgantown, West Virginia. Gober then returned it to Hertz at Reagan National Airport. On January 13, 2020, Hertz filed a false police report alleging Mr. Gober stole its car and on February 28, 2020 (seven weeks later), the car mysteriously reappeared at an Alexandria, Virginia apartment building, having amassed a whopping 7,492 miles on it. Meanwhile, Mr. Gober was working around Washington, D.C., knowing nothing about the missing car or warrant.

To learn more click here.

BG Team Wins $19.96 Million Judgment on Behalf of Wildcat Coal, LLC

On October 12, 2023, Bailey Glasser prevailed in a lease royalty dispute on behalf of our client Wildcat Coal, LLC, obtaining a judgment of nearly $20 million. This dispute involved calculation of advance royalties in a coal mining lease. The judgment was issued by Judge Freudenthal of the United States District Court for the District of Wyoming.

The defendant, Bridger Coal Company, argued that it did not owe Wildcat any advance royalties despite a provision of the mining lease that obligated Bridger to mine at least 45% of its coal from Wildcat’s properties.

“We are glad that Wildcat will receive the advance royalties that Bridger agreed to pay under the lease,” said Bailey Glasser founding partner Brian Glasser, lead counsel in this case.

In addition to Mr. Glasser, the Bailey Glasser team included partners Leslie Brueckner, Jennifer Fahey, and Ben Schwartzman.

The Order granting judgment can be viewed here.

Court Rules All Plaintiffs in Title IX Case Can Sue SDSU for Retaliation

In the case’s second key ruling in the past month, a federal judge held that all of the female student-athletes who filed the precedent-setting Title IX sex discrimination class action against San Diego State University can sue the school for retaliating against them for asserting their rights.

On April 12, 2023, the court held that five Plaintiffs could sue for retaliation and twelve could not. Yesterday, October 10, 2023, it amended that order and held that all seventeen Plaintiffs could do so – and could seek both damages against SDSU for its past retaliation and a court order barring the school from retaliating in the future.

“Our justice system depends on the simple point that litigants cannot intimidate or scare away potential witnesses,” said Bailey Glasser partner Joshua Hammack in Washington, D.C., who took the lead in briefing and arguing the issues. “SDSU tried to do exactly that, and the Court agreed all Plaintiffs deserve their day in court on the resulting retaliation claim.”

The Bailey Glasser team is composed of Title IX team leader Arthur Bryant and partners Joshua Hammack, Lori Bullock, and Cary Joshi, along with co-counsel Amber Eck and Jenna Rangel of Haeggquist & Eck, LLP, and David S. Casey, Jr., and Gayle Blatt of Casey Gerry in San Diego.

For more details, please visit this link.

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