BG Partners Join Opening Arguments Podcast Discussing $5 Million Award Against “My Pillow” Founder

Bailey Glasser partners Brian Glasser and Cary Joshi join the Opening Arguments podcast to discuss winning a $5 million arbitration award against My Pillow founder Mike Lindell for claims related to election fraud data.

The Bailey Glasser team, Brian Glasser, Cari Joshi, and paralegal Manuel Rios in Washington, D.C., and partner Lori Bullock in Des Moines, Iowa, represented Robert Zeidman, a cyber security professional, in the arbitration.

Following the 2020 election, Lindell prominently trumpeted the false theory that the 2020 presidential election involved alleged Chinese government hacking that resulted in votes cast for Donald Trump being switched to Joe Biden. In July 2021, Mike Lindell sponsored his own so-called “Cyber Symposium”, which he said would provide an opportunity for technical experts in cyber forensics to examine and evaluate the evidence presented by Lindell.

Lindell was so confident in the validity of his so-called “evidence” that, as part of his Cyber Symposium, he held the “Prove Mike Wrong Challenge” and offered a $5 million prize to anyone who could prove the data was not valid. The Arbitration panel declared unequivocally that Zeidman proved Mike wrong and won the contest.

Follow this link to hear this entertaining interview and show notes, including links to the arbitration opinion and more. #openingargumentpodcast #podcast #openingarguments #arbitration #baileyglasser

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