Todd Mathews Discusses IL Abuse Cases on WJPF Newsradio

“Rough stuff”: BG partner Todd Mathews joined WJPF newsradio this morning to discuss our landmark Illinois sex abuse case filed earlier this month on behalf of 95 individuals who suffered sexual abuse as juveniles in juvenile detention facilities across Illinois. In this insightful interview, Todd discusses the status of the case, how more cases are going to be filed, and how many survivors have reported the same kind of abuse by the same people, even when in detention facilities at completely different times. Todd also discusses how a goal is to work with the state to get victims justice for the harms suffered (including treatment and therapy as necessary), and how our clients – all brave survivors who have stepped forward – want this kind of abuse stopped so that no one else has to suffer as they have.

To listen to the full 10-minute interview, visit this link.

To learn more about Todd Mathews visit here.

To learn more about the Illinois lawsuit on behalf of abuse survivors, visit our service page here.

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