FSU Will Add Women’s Lacrosse, Adopt Gender Equity Plan, and Comply with Title IX

Bailey Glasser’s Title IX team and the women’s club lacrosse team at Florida State University won a major victory against sex discrimination and a history-making settlement today. To avoid a class action lawsuit, FSU agreed to add a varsity women’s lacrosse team, develop a gender equity plan, and bring its intercollegiate athletics program into compliance with Title IX.

“We are proud to represent the courageous women on the club lacrosse team, who decided to stand up and fight,” said Arthur Bryant, Bailey Glasser Title IX team leader and lead counsel. “We also commend FSU, which decided to do the right thing. We are grateful to them all.”

“These women are tenacious and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Now, they’ve created an extraordinary legacy: FSU is going to have a varsity women’s lacrosse team for many, many years — and it’s going to comply with Title IX,” said Bailey Glasser partner and co-counsel Lori Bullock.

The Bailey Glasser team also consisted of partners Joshua Hammack and Cary Joshi.

Learn more about the case and read the settlement agreement here.

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