“This is Not Over By a Long Shot”

“This is not over by a long shot”: Bailey Glasser founding partner Brian Glasser, one of the lead lawyers in the fight to protect plaintiffs in the J&J/LTL bankruptcy, made a statement to CBS News today rejecting what appears to be extra money found in Johnson & Johnson’s company lounge “seat cushions.” J&J, one of the world’s wealthiest companies, continues to try to abuse the bankruptcy process to deny plaintiffs injured by the company’s talc products their day in court.

Mr. Glasser’s full statement to CBS News reads:
The last time J&J tried this they told the world that $2 billion was more than enough to satisfy these claims. The $9 Billion they have offered today makes plain that the prior number was ridiculous, the prior bankruptcy filing was a scam and the entire exercise was a misuse of the bankruptcy system. The Court of Appeals agreed, and dismissed their case. An hour or so later they found $7 Billion in the company in seat cushions. But LTLs officers and directors apparently surrendered the right to get $61 Billon for this second alleged bankruptcy and for these same injuries. This is not over by a long shot. This case, too, ought to be dismissed. There is nothing that stops J&J from settling its cases outside of bankruptcy and that is what it needs to do.”

To read the CBS News story click here.

The Bailey Glasser trial team is comprised of:

Brian Glasser
Kevin W. Barrett
Robert R. Bell
Hon. Thomas B. Bennett (ret.)
Katherine E. Charonko
Cary Joshi
D. Todd Mathews
Elliott McGraw
David L. Selby II
John G. Turner, III.

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