ERISA Partner Mark Boyko Quoted in Law360 on 401(k) Forfeiture Case

Bailey Glasser partner Mark Boyko was quoted in the Law360 article, “3 Arguments, Hearing Benefits Attys Should Watch in Feb.,” commenting on the significance of a new theory of liability under ERISA against Clorox Co. in a California federal court. The case challenges the company’s use of 401(k) forfeitures, created when employees leave before fully vesting, to offset corporate contributions into the plan.

“The two main issues in the case involve the plaintiffs’ standing and industry practice of how to treat 401(k) plan forfeitures,” Mark said. “A decision for defendants on standing or for plaintiffs on the merits would have meaningful consequences that sweep beyond the case itself.” Read the full article here.

Mark is a pioneer in ERISA class action litigation and represents 401(k) plan participants alleging breach of fiduciary duties by their employers and has secured judgments and settlements in this area exceeding $500 million. Learn more about his experience here.

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