BG Partner Mark Boyko Quoted In PlanSponsor Magazine

BG partner and ERISA litigator Mark Boyko was recently quoted in a PlanSponsor article discussing ERISA pleading standards and employee rights, including the right of plan participants to request certain key documents about their retirement plans and can help evaluate whether litigation is necessary. Mark was quoted saying if a fiduciary is “confident in [its] process, it makes no sense not to overprovide info including those meeting minutes.” Check out the full article here.

Bailey Glasser tenaciously represents clients that include employees, former employees, retirees, and trust beneficiaries, as well as businesses and other professionals victimized by fraud, investment mismanagement, hidden and undisclosed fees, and illegal benefit cutbacks in a number of these settlements. We have a long history of representing clients harmed by hidden or excessive fees, or imprudent investments, in their 401(k) plans.

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