BG Institutional Abuse & Neglect Team Secures Share of Record $11.75M Settlement for Special Needs Student Abused at Holz Elementary

“We will continue to speak on behalf of the voiceless. People say, ‘this has to stop happening’, but it won’t unless we persevere in holding offenders and facilities accountable for every penny of damage.” So commented Sharon Iskra in announcing that today she and partner Sam Hrko, on behalf of a disabled student and that student’s family, obtained a share of a record $11.75 million settlement, the largest ever entered against a public school board in West Virginia history. The amounts of the individual settlements are confidential, with Ms. Iskra and Mr. Hrko obtaining a share of the award for their single client based on the Kanawha County Board of Education’s negligent retention and supervision of teacher Nancy Boggs and classroom aides Lisa Perdue and Lori Gibson.

Boggs’ abuse included acts such as banging children’s heads on desks, slapping and yanking them, and degrading them by forcing them to sit on the floor with their noses in a hole in the wall and to eat out of the classroom sink. She also verbally terrorized students by yelling that they were “bad to the bone”, “stupid”, and that “mommy doesn’t care,” among other taunts.

Ms. Iskra and her Institutional Abuse & Neglect Practice Team are dedicated to protecting people abused by institutions such as schools, foster homes, churches, and training academies. They have won record jury verdicts and settlements, including the one today.

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