Bailey Glasser Title IX Team Settlement with FSU Featured in USA TODAY Article

“The only thing that works is women being willing to fight,” said Arthur Bryant, Bailey Glasser’s Title IX team leader in the USA Today article: “Florida State University to add women’s lacrosse team after USA TODAY investigation.” The article covers yesterday’s major settlement with Florida State University on behalf of women advocating for a women’s varsity lacrosse team. In the settlement, FSU agreed to add a varsity women’s lacrosse team, develop a gender equity plan, and bring its intercollegiate athletics program into compliance with Title IX.

USA Today says: “The agreement comes after Arthur Bryant, a prominent, California-based Title IX lawyer, in consultation with members of the FSU club women’s lacrosse team, threatened legal action against the university in early August, citing Title IX. It also comes less than 18 months after a USA TODAY investigation revealed that Florida State University was not in compliance with Title IX.”

Bryant told USA TODAY, “The history of Title IX in America is that the only thing that makes progress for women who are being discriminated against is for them to stand up and fight,” he said. “The vast majority of colleges and universities are still in violation of Title IX, 51 years after it was passed, and the federal government has never filed enforcement action in court to force (any) schools to come into compliance with Title IX.”

The Bailey Glasser team also consisted of partners Lori Bullock, Joshua Hammack, and Cary Joshi.

“It doesn’t even feel real. I’ve been crying tears of pure joy all day,” FSU women’s club lacrosse team captain Sophia Villalonga told USA TODAY late Tuesday. “The last few hours have been such a rush. I’m just speechless.”

Read the full article here.

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