Partner Arthur Bryant Featured in On3NIL: “Utah Collective’s NIL Truck Deal ‘Huge’ Concern for University”

Arthur Bryant, Bailey Glasser partner and Title IX team leader, was interviewed by On3NIL regarding a University of Utah-focused NIL collective team deal that provided all 85 scholarship football players – and no women athletes – new Dodge pickup trucks. “It appears to be a flagrant, stunningly obvious violation of Title IX that could cost the school millions of dollars,” Bryant told On3.

The NIL deal by the “Crimson Collective” announced that it would be giving leases to 2024 Dodge Ram trucks to Utah’s scholarship football players for free. The article calls the truck deal a “high-profile example of the complex Title IX question that the broader college athletics industry is wrestling with more than two years into NIL.”

Title IX is a 51-year-old federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination by any school that receives federal funding and stipulates schools must provide male student-athletes and female student-athletes with equal treatment and benefits.

Bryant noted that a video released announcing the deal, which visibly displayed the university’s logo, “undercut[s] any notion that the university was not involved in the truck deal.” He added: “ Female student-athletes at Utah need to hold the school accountable – no one else will do it. The history of Title IX has shown that women don’t get equality unless they are willing to fight for it.”

To learn more, read the full article here.

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