Title IX Team Lead, Arthur Bryant, Featured in ON3 NIL: “Why Title IX and NIL are ‘about to collide'”

Arthur Bryant, Bailey Glasser partner and Title IX team leader, spoke with On3 NIL on the upcoming reckoning between NIL and Title IX.

“NIL and Title IX are about to collide – and it’s just a question of when and where,” Bryant told On3. “Title IX says schools have to provide male student-athletes and female student-athletes with equal treatment and benefits, and almost no school in the country is doing that now without NIL. With NIL, it is far, far worse.”

Bryant, “widely viewed as the nation’s foremost Title IX expert,” has represented more women athletes and potential athletes in Title IX litigation against schools than any lawyer in the country and currently represents female student-athletes in a Title IX sex discrimination lawsuits against San Diego State University and Fresno State among others.

Whether you look at NIL separately from everything else involving schools’ athletic programs or you combine it, Bryant said, schools are treating men and women “dramatically differently – and that is a straight-out violation of Title IX.”

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